There is a unique sense of freedom that comes from owning your badass gifts, dreams, and truth.

Chances are you've had glimpses of this. In fact, you've likely created a pretty good life channeling some of those gifts.  

The thing is you want more than just glimpses of it. You feel equal parts guilty for wanting more and restless for not going after it.

You crave the ability to stop filtering what is in your heart and mind. You want to be adored for who you are not an idea of who you should be. And you want the confidence you've always projected on the outside to finally match what is on the inside.

                                            Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

                                           Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I help women wake up to the fact that they are already brave, brilliant, and beautiful. I support them in becoming their own greatest advocate so that they can unapologetically be the powerful, capable, generous, loving, intelligent, big dreaming, badass that they are. Which means going after the promotion you want, the raise you want, the business you want, the relationship you want, the life you want, and so on.

Imagine ...

You stop dimming yourself down to make others more comfortable. 

You expand your impact while also having more fun and freedom. 

You get to use your voice and trust that you can navigate any conversation.

 You make room for deeper relationships and connection.

You change your inner story in a way that quiets the inner critic.

You get your dreams and soul back.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Consider that the end result of all of that and what deep down you really crave is a sense of FREEDOM. The freedom that comes with living a full life, making a difference with that life, and being your damn self in that life.

                                          Photo by  averie woodard  on  Unsplash

                                         Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Meeting Sarah has been one of the most impactful relationships I’ve had. Was I successful? Yes. Was I happy? Yes! Were there lots of dreams I’d ticked off my bucket list? Yes! And I knew there was more. I could feel it to my core. Things that I knew I wasn’t in integrity with myself about. Things I knew I skirted the issue with others. Lots and lots of time spent in my head with the swirl of commentary that my lovely “board of advisors” freely gives. Working with Sarah has created access to freedom and ease that is priceless. I feel like I’m finally moving out of the quicksand of inertia and able to maintain momentum.
— Teresa Stott - Dallas, TX

I see you ...

Hi there, I am Sarah Schneider, a professionally certified coach, speaker, and leadership trainer, on a mission to create a world where every woman feels adored for who she is and owns herself as a powerful leader. I know what it is like to have a good life but not the life I was meant to live. And I certainly know what its like to hide in plain site. I believe in the greatness of women and that every single one deserves to thrive. You included.

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Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
— Rumi

So what do we do in one-on-one coaching?

Our work together is a partnership. I am not here to tell you what you should want or what your dream life should be. I don't have any judgements about who you are or aren't. I am here to support you in going beyond where you normally stop so that instead of thinking about your dream life you are actually living it.

If you’re ready to pursue your boldest goals with the help of a dedicated coach, I offer individual coaching.
Our work together is structured as weekly calls, where we will have focused, direct conversations that build on each other and are designed to powerfully move you forward.
My coaching is individualized and client-driven, which means we work on the things that will have the most impact for you.
Because I’m a trained coach through Accomplishment Coaching, I am trained in the use of over 260 tools, which I can bring to bear for nearly any challenge or opportunity.

Basically, we partner together to create your badass life.

One-on-one coaching with me is deep, high-impact work and the required commitment of time, money, and intensity is not for everyone. To ensure we are a fit for each other the next step is to contact me for a no pressure, complimentary discovery session:

Sarah has the ability to get me to joyously do the work of creating the life I want for myself. With her help, I have been able to see what’s really important to me and to develop practices that support and nurture those things. With her wisdom, humor and commitment to me and my dream, I have been able to find the path to a life that I secretly dreamt about but never thought I could really have. Our sessions are invigorating, intimidating, enlightening and always amazing and I look forward to each and every one of them.
— Wendy Colgan - Seattle, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel like I could benefit from coaching, but don’t have a specific goal in mind?

That scenario is actually very common. The beauty of coaching is that I partner with you wherever you are at in your journey. We can begin with flushing out what you actually want and where you want to go and then specific goals can be established from that.

I have a very specific goal in mind. Can you help me get there?

The short-answer, yes. My clients come to me with specific business goals, leadership goals, confidence goals, life goals, and much more. We create individualized projects and tailor the coaching to support those goals. The longer-answer, yes, if you are willing to be open to your own growth, do the work, and go beyond where you normally stop. 

What will  my time commitment be liKe?

We will have a call one hour a week. Additionally, you will determine what actions you want to complete that week that are aligned with your goals. Some people spend one hour a week, some spend five plus. It varies week to week and is ultimately up to you. This saying holds true here "you get out of it what you put into it".

How will we meet?

One-on-one coaching sessions are performed via phone or video based on your preference. 

I've done a lot of self-development work, how is this different?

Cool, that means you have already done some work on taking on your inner game. I practice ontological coaching which means we are looking at who you are being and how that impacts your life. It is not about soley telling you want to do or giving you advice. It is a powerful way for you to discover within yourself the answers that are there. We are looking at transforming your life not just changing something for the moment. 

A woman I had met a few months ago at an event said she has seen a big shift in my confidence and presence! It made me so happy to have someone acknowledge/notice the change in me! I can honestly say it is due to our coaching!!! You have helped me to find my joy and my confidence again! I am truly shifting in the right direction and feel the wind is at my back as I move forward in my business!
— Brenda Hastings - Seattle, WA