We support women in fully stepping into their power and soulfully creating life and work on their terms.

You've always known an ordinary life just won't do for you. Trying to fit into a mold/box/label is not in your DNA. You know there is good you are meant to create on this planet. And without question you crave freedom. 

But somewhere along the way the "shoulds" and "supposed tos" creeped in. It has gotten harder for you to distinguish between who you really are and who you think the world is telling you to be. 

Your ambitious goals are coupled with a lot of inner and outer noise that leaves you grasping for clarity, joy, and soul-on-fire purpose. You've forgotten how to be your own greatest advocate.


It’s time for you to embrace your badassery.


To bridge the gap between how you see yourself and who you truly are. To allow yourself to confidently stand in the spotlight.
To allow your heart and soul to have as much say as your mind.
To do the work that feels too impossible or impractical to pursue.
To own the leader that you are.
To choose courage over comfort.

That kind of courage could change your life. Your work. And the world.

Who is the rebel running this show?

Hi there, I'm Sarah Schneider, a professionally certified, transformational coach that supports women in having extraordinary lives. I see your gifts, dreams, and power when you don't. I help you become your own greatest advocate and achieve your boldest dreams.

I’m a former leader in the IT space and have experienced first-hand the transformation that is possible when you shift how you relate to yourself and the world around you.

Your next chapter is waiting, are you ready?


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Powerful coaching to support you in getting clear about what you really want and who you really are, removing the things in the way, and actually start waking up to YOUR life (not the limited version).

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