EP 6: What Do You Want to Be Known For with Brigitte Lyons

Another way to think about the impact you want to be having - think about what you want to be known for over the course of your lifetime. The more clarity you have on what you want to be known for the more easily you can attract opportunities, make decisions, and convey your message. In this episode, Sarah is joined by Brigitte Lyons, the founder of B, a PR and digital marketing agency that helps forward-thinkers and purpose-driven companies refine their message and get media coverage. Sarah and Brigitte explore the power in answering the question What do you want to be known for? and different ways to make it easier to answer it. Plus some random riffing about choosing the unconventional path. 

EP 4: Navigating the Pivot to Purpose with Dr. Jen

When you decide that you want to do something more meaningful, navigating that pivot can be overwhelming. In this episode Sarah welcomes Dr. Jen O'Ryan, a specialist in gender and sexual orientation, who is pivoting from consulting in the IT space to building her own purposeful business. Sarah and Dr. Jen discuss knowing when to pivot, how things evolve while you are pivoting, dealing with other people's fears, and staying the course.

EP 2: The Power of Impact with Julie Fry

Knowing the impact you want to have is a powerful way to build and lead. Not only do you get to align yourself with what you deeply care about you can also create a community around that impact. In this episode, Sarah welcomes Julie Fry, CEO of Business Among Moms, an international networking and education community. Sarah and Julie discuss navigating your impact as it grows, how to keep going when you want to curl into a tiny ball and weep, and making a difference while making money.