EP 12: The Overachiever Gremlin

Being a high-performer, high-achiever, ambitious, etc. has likely served you in creating your success. It also comes with the need to constantly overachieve which leaves you exhausted, never feeling like it is enough, and always striving. In this episode Sarah explores the gremlin behind overachieving, the cost it has on your life, and ways to practice something other than the need to accomplish everything.

EP 11: Overwhelmed by it All, The First Time I was Called a Feminist, P.S. #metoo

When there is a lot going on in the world and you have a big heart, it can all get really overwhelming. Where and what do you contribute? How do you share when it is hard to see where to even start? Sarah starts the conversation there in this episode and then shares her journey of owning herself as a feminist (when at first she rejected the title). The final piece of the episode is around #metoo, how personal it is, and how we can have conversations that change the culture.

EP 10: How Ambition Plus Purpose Leads to Creating Time with Amy Nelson

Time. We all come up against it and often wish we had more of it. And yet there are those that seem to be able to create so much more with their time. What makes the difference? In this episode, Sarah is joined by Amy Nelson where they look at how marrying ambition with purpose can lead to finding a way to create the time you need for the things you most want.

EP 9: When Silence Becomes Soul-Crushing

We have a voice. We have things we want to contribute. We want to be a part of change. And yet, using our voice, speaking our truths, leading the way, can be scary. Which means we may end up not saying what we crave to say. Over the course of a lifetime the things we don't say can be far more soul-crushing than the things we do say. In this episode, Sarah talks about the fears that get in our way of speaking up and ways to use your voice anyway. Ready to go from a soul-crushing silence to a soul-liberating roar?

EP 8: When You Think You Don't Like People with Brenna Joelle

Do you have a story about yourself that has been running through your head for as long as you can remember? In this episode, Sarah is joined by Brenna Joelle and they take on the story of thinking you don't like people, when you actually do. This narrative and most of the narratives we have as humans, get in the way of our own growth and ability to connect with people. With some real talk and humor we take on challenging these stories.