EP 20: You Don't Have to Fit Into One Thing

Have you ever thought that many of your qualities conflict with each other and it leaves you feeling like a walking contradiction? The more we try to be one thing or to fit into one mold, label, or box, the more confused we can become on who we actually are. In this episode, Sarah shares a couple of stories and tips on allowing yourself to honor more of who you are evolving into.

EP 19: The Other L Word - Leadership

What is the the other L word? Leadership. In this episode we take on the idea that the most impactful and rewarding leadership begins on the inside. It begins with you being your own greatest advocate and seeing all that you have to contribute. From that place your external leadership has more impact, influence, love, and power. Listen in for why it matters and a tip on becoming your own advocate. 

EP 18: Mindsets for Lasting Health Goals with Lara Dalch

Most people's new year's resolutions include a health goal. More often than not though, health goals that come out of new year's resolutions don't last. There is a start and stop roller coaster that can be defeating. In this episode, Sarah is joined by Lara Dalch, a health and lifestyle coach who helps women go from "formerly active" to confident, healthy, and powerful again. Sarah and Lara discuss mindsets that can support lasting health goals and share stories about their own ups and downs around health.