We help ambitious, conscious individuals and organizations get back to your roots and achieve your boldest dreams.

You've always had big ambitions around
how you were going to make an impact in the world.

But somewhere between paying your dues and becoming the leader you are today, that vision started to feel more like a “someday” dream.

Today, your boldest dreams take the backseat.

Your work feels more like a sequence of soul-sapping to-do’s than the meaningful, purpose-driven work you set out to do.


It’s time for you to reclaim your inner badassery.


To  lead when others won't.
To pursue work that lights you up (even as it scares you).
To allow your heart and soul to have a say even when it would be easier to just let your mind run the show.
To do the work that feels too impossible or impractical to pursue.
To experience all life has to offer.
To choose courage over comfort.

That kind of courage could change your life. Your work. And the world.

Who is the rebel running this show?

Hi there, I'm Sarah Schneider. A tenacious CEO, creator, coach, and speaker. I help you shake off the shackles of “shouldery” so you can unleash your inner badassery and achieve your boldest dreams.

I’m a former leader in the IT space and have experienced first-hand the transformation that is possible when you stop letting your brain run the show. 

Your legacy is waiting, are you ready?


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